Our approach

Our strategy is to invest in a broad range of property acquisitions and privately negotiated preferred equity and debt investments seeking an optimal risk-adjusted return. Investments are made primarily in multifamily, home-building, and office properties. We focus on assets valued under $100MM, where we believe property ownership is fragmented and where market inefficiencies exist.

The foundation of this strategy is Sarwa’s and its affiliates’ outstanding team of experienced investment, property management, and development professionals who have an extensive reach for acquisitions through multiple channels, including real estate owners, lenders and financial intermediaries. The final selection of investments is supported by rigorous underwriting and comprehensive due diligence, and a collaborative decision-making process drawing on the multiple fields of experience of the team.

Our experience

Sarwa Investment’s affiliates have been investing in U.S. real estate since the mid-1990s across a wide spectrum of asset types ranging from multifamily properties and commercial real estate to land development and single-family homes developments. The PLC Group of Companies are recognized leaders in real estate investment in the western United States (www.plcland.com and www.christopher-homes.com).